Superchips Vigilante Harley Davidson Tuner

Superchips Vigilante for Harley Davidson Motorcycles...

Whether your on a canyon tour, a day ride, or you're a daily commuter… riding a Harley is all about power and freedom. And that's why Superchips introduced the all new Superchips Vigilante for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The Superchips is a tuning devices that fully unlocks your Harleys potential.

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Now you can dial in maximum performance with the most exciting new product available in a long line of proven performance tuning from the number one tuning company. Introducing the new Superchips Vigilante. The Superchips Vigilante is easy to use, and it will optimize your Harleys performance, while it eliminates the limitations and flaws found in other tuning solutions. So simply put, the Vigilante from Superchips is a real game changer.

So why does a Harley owner need to tuner their bike? Harley Davidson engineers calibrate engine control computers with a basic set of parameters made for stock bikes, and they are not necessarily created to create optimal performance. With the Superchips Vigilante, you will have the ability to dial in your Harleys settings for greater power, as well as improved throttle response, better mid-range performance, and even lower engine temperatures.

Harley owners know if you modify your bike and don’t modify the tuning, it may run poorly or not run at all. Modifications from exhaust pipes, air filters, cams, and even more aggressive changes like superchargers and big boar kits make tuning modifications necessary. The Vigilante will help your bike run right after all the modifications.

The Superchips Vigilante tuner for Harley Davidson motorcycles will allow you to easily change between tuning maps in order to adjust for riding conditions that will allow you to get better fuel economy, run cooler, and even get higher performance. The Superchips Vigilante will quickly program new information to your bikes computer, and then it will store the original files, just in case you ever want to return your bike back to stock. Just imagine that within minutes, you can scan the information and easily adjust the settings that affect your bikes power and performance. The Vigilante works with the stock Harley engine computer, and it actually tunes the entire map. The Superchips Vigilante is not a computer replacement or a in line fool device, but it's actually 100% tuning using flash technology. And it works wirelessly using the Superchips plug in device with your laptop.

The Superchips Vigilante tuning is a breeze to install. You can load a simple map for a set of pipes and an air cleaner, or you can load a full map for a custom built engine. To get started, the first thing you do is load the software on your lap top. Second, you find your diagnostics connector on the bike, plug in the Superchips Vigilante, and save the stock file. After that, it’s just a matter of picking the right maps for your bikes configuration. Once you get a custom map loaded, it only takes a few minutes to get a bike up and running. And the quick switch handle bar buttons will allow you to switch between pre-selected maps. For instance, when you are in the city, you can use a cooler map, and when you're on the highway, you can run a performance map. The change is instantaneous… it's just the flip of a switch.

When a Harley comes from the factory, they have a throttle delay at wide open throttle. This wide open throttle delay can be removed with the Superchips Vigilante. And when it comes to hard part modifications, the Vigilante shines. A Harley doesn't run right with factory tuning after hard parts have been modified, so it needs to be tuned for these modification. Anything from pipes, cams, air cleaners, or Superchargers, they all need modified tuning to make your bike run right, as well as protect the motor.

From the factory, Harleys run hot because they are tuned lean. You can significantly lower operating temperatures with the Superchips Vigilante, which is a critical concern for owners of air cooled bikes. And with the Vigilantes data acquisition and trouble codes reading capabilities, you will be able to trouble shoot your bike before you go to the dealership. This will save you both time and money. Simply put, the Vigilante tunes your bike to perform better and last longer.